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JMG Suffolks started as a 4-H project in 1979 with 3 ewe lambs selected from my fathers flock of registered Suffolk ewes (which he started when he joined 4-H about 20 years earlier). Almost all of the ewes currently in my flock can be traced back to my father's stock. Our selection process emphasizes the growth and performance traits - we expect the ram lambs to weigh over 90 lbs at 60 days, and gain over 1.5 lbs/day from day 60 to day 90 (performance data is available on all our rams). We strive to produce sheep that are structurally correct and big enough to be competitive in the show ring, without sacrificing the thickness, rib shape and rugged bone that make them efficient, productive assests to both the purebred and commercial sheep industries. We have sold purebred breeding stock and terminal sires to flocks across the country. We also direct market a few locker lambs locally. All of our sheep are NN and we are now 100% RR. We currently maintain a flock of 40-45 ewes.

Some of the ram bloodlines we have used in the past several years include: "Leonidas" JMG 1715RR, "Jason" JMG1703RR "Smiley" Quam 06-331ET, "Winter is Coming" (and a son), "Badger", MSU 2124 (and 3 sons), MSU 152 (and a son & grandson) "PokeRR Face" (Clift by Lansing "Aces Up") (and 3 sons), "Game of Thrones" (Benda by "King's Ransom") (and 2 sons), "Captain Jack" Prairie Rose (and 3 sons), "Karma" Benda, "HeadlineRR" Quam 9076 (and a son), "Gunfire" - Pleasant Valley (and 2 sons), Quam 736 - goes back to "Gold StRReak" (and a son), Pearson - by "Rough Rider", "StructuRRe" - Quam by "Cowboy" (and 3 sons), "California Gold" - Paasch, Wagner (and 3 sons), Quam - by "LeaRRjet", "GM" - Bar-Zel (and a son), Corey - "A-Train" son (and a son), Bar-Zel - by "Wrigley" (and 2 sons), Barnett (and a son), and Luxford - by "Mountain Man".

JMG Suffolks started on a ranch south of Carrington, ND. In 1999, the flock was relocated to New Prague, MN. We are currently located 3 miles south and 1 mile west of New Prague just off of Hwy 21/13 at:  31307 171st Ave.

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